A Perfectly Fresh Natural
Low Fat Fruit Sorbets
in Real Fruit Shells
No Preservatives
No Colorants

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What’s Your Flavor?

Tue, 01/06/2015 - 11:48 -- sorfru

Island Way Sorbets Offers a Healthy, Delicious, Alternative

To Ice Cream, That Will Have Your Mouth-Watering

When the winter blues get you down, the best medicine is a dose of good ol’ fashioned summer fun. Although a tropical vacation getaway may not always be the most practical option, Island Way Sorbets is a close second.

This frozen fruit sorbet brand is a refreshing shot of summer, even on the coldest nights.  The only question is, what’s your flavor?

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, look no further than the pinacolada (non-alcoholic) sorbet, which blends the tempting flavors of pineapple and coconut for a burst of happiness in every smooth spoonful.

More the fall orchard type? There’s something for you too. Try the Red Apple sorbet for a crisp and familiar taste that will have your mouth-watering in no time. It’s a fall harvest in the palm of your hand.


Or, for the summer sunset type, there’s always Passion Orange sorbet. The romantic and rich flavor of passion fruit combined with the juiciness of an orange is enough to brighten up any evening.

With twelve exciting flavors to choose from, a box of mixed sorbets will satisfy for days on end, no matter the season.

Best of all, Island Way Sorbets are a healthy alternative for when your sweet-tooth calls out to you. In accordance with the brand’s dedication to healthy lifestyles, these sorbets are made with the natural goodness of fresh fruit and are low in fat and calories. Moreover, there are no preservatives or colorants added, so you can trust that what you’re enjoying is truly good, in every way. To emphasize Island Way Sorbet’s commitment to all-natural freshness, the sorbets come in their own real frozen fruit shells. So you can hold it in your hand, seeing and touching its realness, and savor every last bit, guilt-free.

Island Way Sorbet is a Canadian food brand, available at food and grocery retailers across Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Visit www.thesorbet.com to browse all of the unique flavors today.

Don’t let winter get you down -- treat yourself to a little island fun.

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