A Perfectly Fresh Natural
Low Fat Fruit Sorbets
in Real Fruit Shells
No Preservatives
No Colorants

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From the Indian Ocean's exotic, palm covered islands; Island Way Fruits begin their amazing journey. Over the warm and Wild Coast of Southern Africa, our succulent fruits are transformed. As you savor these handmade delicacies, let your mind wander to a place so relaxed, it can only be the Island Way.

Gladly adding to sorbet's history, we are, Island Way Sorbet.

Our products are:

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Lemon, orange and apple are a sensational low fat, low calorie dessert.
All the sorbets have less than half the fat than regular full cream ice cream, and contain at least 65% natural fruit juice.
Island Way fruit shells are bio-degradable and eco-friendly, help keep the planet green for future generations by recycling outer wrappers.

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