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What’s in a Sorbet?

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 16:08 -- sorfru

Find Out What Makes this the Best Healthy Dessert

When it comes to the trick of finding a satisfying healthy frozen dessert, most people happily stumble upon the sorbet, and never look back. Even so, the differences between a sorbet and other frozen treats, such as sherbet or ice cream, are not widely known. Island Way Sorbet has all of the answers, and are eager (and proud) to share the facts about this delicious, guilt-free, dessert.

Ice cream is made with milk, making it a fatty option that is high in calories as a result. Sherbet is typically lower in fat than ice cream, but is still made with milk, gelatin, or eggs. These are ingredients that are not found in Sorbet, which is very low in fat and calories.

What is a sorbet?

The sorbet dates way back to ancient times, and was brought over to Italy by Marco Polo after he had been introduced to it during his travels of Asia. It is ice based, from an ancient Asian tradition of infusing mountain ice with the natural goodness of fruit.

It’s that simple — and that delicious! It’s no wonder sorbet remains the oldest and most treasured icy dessert.

Sorbet ingredients

Sorbets consist of three primary ingredients: water, fruit, and sugar. The fruit is pureed, and can be of any variety.

Some sorbet recipes can get even more creative; if you’re looking to spice up an alreadydelicious sorbet, chocolate might be the additional ingredient you’re looking for. No doubt, Chocolate sorbet is a great option for those with a sneaky sweet tooth.

Fruit sorbets are the best part of any healthy diet; fresh, sweet, and smooth. The ingredients are whipped together for a velvety texture that literally melts in your mouth.

At Island Way Sorbet Canada, we are dedicated to using the freshest ingredients in our sorbets. From pineapple, to coconut, to pomegranate and beyond; there is no end to the possibilities, or the combinations. Moreover, our healthy desserts have no preservatives and no colorants, because there is nothing better than natural flavors coming to life in a real fruit shell.

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